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About CCRA

Atlantic Research Group Ltd
48 Station Road
Stoke D'Abernon
Cobham, Surrey
KT11 3BN

Tel: 01932 869933
Fax: 01932 869944


Sermes UK fulfils the requirement for Legal Representation specified in Article 19 of the Clinical Trials Directive, helping you to understand and comply with European regulations and specifications.

Sermes UK combines clinical and pharmaceutical industry knowledge with practical and high experience to provide you a comprehensive Legal Representative Service, which includes all the know-how and methodology needed to cover your requirements for the legal and technical processing of clinical trial research and drug development in Europe.

Group sector
  • Clinical trials; all phases

Geographical area

  • EU Coverage

For further information, please contact:
Dr Ignazio Di Giovanna PhD

CCRA is a not-for-profit organisation originally founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries.