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About CCRA

41 Corsham Street
N1 6DR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 292 125 0190

Web: www.clinithink.com

Clinithink was founded in 2009 to give life sciences organizations and healthcare providers access to valuable unstructured clinical data. Clinithink is helping to solve long standing challenges in clinical trials process by automating and accelerating patient recruitment, enabling research sites to meet enrollment targets and helping sponsors reduce costs and shorten the time it takes to bring a drug or device to market. Clinithink’s clinical natural language processing (CNLP) offering, CLiX ENRICH, searches existing unstructured data to identify highly eligible patients that meet trial-specific protocol criteria. By dramatically accelerating pre-screening, and offer valuable insights into study feasibility, potential screen failures, and patient populations, both sites and sponsors have access to unique data-driven decision-making tools at critical points throughout the trial life cycle. Take a look at some of the ground-breaking work we’re doing with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and others to efficiently and safely create a paradigm shift in patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Group sector

  • Life sciences
  • Technology

Geographical area

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

For further information, please contact:
Sarah Beeby, SVP, Life Sciences

CCRA is a not-for-profit organisation originally founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries.