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CCRA 2024 Summer Reception
The CCRA 2024 Summer Reception will be held on Thursday, 11th July 2024 from 18.30 - 21.00 hrs, for further details contact

CCRA 2023 Summer Reception
The CCRA 2023 summer reception was a tremendous success and attended by some 85 people.

Members of CCRA were joined by representatives of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry and had the opportunity to do business over champagne and canapés.

Government Response to Consultation on Legislative Proposals for Clinical Trials
With a foreword by Sir John Bell and Sir Jon Symonds, the eagerly awaited response to the consultation on proposals to improve the UK clinical trial legislation, was published last week. CCRA welcomes the recommendations designed to streamline the regulatory processes for clinical trial approvals and retain the UK as a preferred venue for the conduct of clinical research. The Association took part in the consultation process and looks forward to the implementation of the new measures and to continuing to work with the MHRA to achieve our shared goals for the benefit of patients and the UK economy.
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Independent review into UK Clinical Trials - CCRA Response
Professor Atholl Johnston, President of the Clinical & Contract Research Association (CCRA), said in response to the announcement of this initiative, made by the Office of Life Sciences.

"The CCRA greatly welcomes the review, announced last week, into commercial clinical trials in the UK. The review will be led by Lord James O’Shaughnessy and will address the worrying challenges that currently confront the industry. It is intended that the review will put forward recommendations that will restore the global competitiveness of the UK industry and support for NHS patients.

We look forward to working with Government and our colleagues, from all organisations in the field, to find solutions to the issues that are being faced, particularly by SME’s in the CRO industry."

Clinical Research is an important and respected field and can provide a rewarding career.

What is a clinical research associate (CRA)?
A clinical research associate (CRA) will run clinical trials to test, new or existing, drugs for their effectiveness, risks and benefits to ensure that they are safe to be released onto the market.
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Participating in Clinical Trials
If you have an interest in joining clinical trials, the relevant pages on this site will give you plenty of insight into the whole process:

Partnership with Pharmiweb
CCRA is proud to have formed a media partnership with Pharmiweb Europe's leading industry-sponsored portal providing the latest news and jobs available in the sector, as well as features and events listings. 

"The CCRA provides a focus for debate and discussion with both Government and other Trade associations and a vital connection with other research bodies..."
Dr Malcolm Barrett-Johnson, Managing Director, PharmaMedic Consultancy

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